In Combat, players use boffer weapons to strike one another, run and move actively around objectives, and may often come into close proximity to one another in aggressive situations. Sometimes projectiles are fired or thrown, and effects are delivered by throwing spell packets. For more powerful abilities, players can concentrate for short periods of time using Meditations.

Weapon Hits

Each weapon (or packet) hit to a legal region does 1 “Hit” (if an Effect is not called). A Hit to the same body region twice in a row with a weapon does not count, unless a full second has passed before that region is struck. There are 5 regions: 2 arms, 2 legs (legs include feet) and the torso. Hits to the head, hands or groin are considered illegal attacks and do not count.


Health represents a number of hits that can be taken before reaching 0. When hits are taken, the Health total is reduced by 1 point per weapon hit. The Heal effect will return a reduced Health total to full. Characters start with 4 Health, and this number can be increased by Armor or abilities.


At 0 Health a character is Unconscious. Once Unconscious, a character is unaware of everything around them, and should roleplay as such. The character will return to consciousness after a 30-count.While Unconscious, a character may be killing blowed and will enter a Dead state. A player should kneel to indicate they are Unconscious.

Killing Blow

A killing blow is an attack delivered to an Unconscious character. The character enters a Dead state after a killing blow has been delivered (and begins their 30 second dead state count). Killing blows are delivered on a 3-Count with a weapon (“killing blow-1, killing blow-2, killing blow-3”), or with a single strike with a Ranged Weapon or Magic Packet by saying “Killing Blow”.  


A player should kneel and put their hands folded across their chest to indicate their character is Dead. Once Dead, a character begins a 60-Count, during which time they have an opportunity to receive a Revive. After one minute, they are unable to return to life without special means, explained in the section on Life after Death.