Legynds Code of Honor

I, the undersigned, understand that no set of printed guidelines can encompass all that it is to practice good sportmanship. I will make every attempt to conduct myself properly at all times at events, and I agree that at the very least, I will abide by the following guidelines to ensure that Legynds Apotheosis remains as much fun for everyone as possible.

  • I will remember that Legynds Apotheosis works to provide a safe, fun environment for all players by creating challenging and interesting situations for its characters. Legynds Apotheosis Non-Player Characters are there to interact with and challenge Player Characters-it is never an “us vs. them” situation. Further, volunteers kindly donate their time to improve everyone’s gaming experience; they’re at Legynds Apotheosis to have fun, too. In this spirit, I will always treat everyone with courtesy and seek their enjoyment of the game as well as my own.
  • I will not engage in intentionally aggressive or unsafe play. If other participants or a marshal suggest I may be engaging in aggressive or unsafe play I will immediately modify my activity to reduce this perception. If I am unable to successfully moderate my behavior, then I will gracefully remove myself from play when asked to leave by a marshal.
  • When participating in Legynds Apotheosis as a marshal, safety and customer service will be my first priorities. I will work to ensure fair, safe, and honorable play for all participants and will actively remove any participant that is intentionally or repeatedly unsafe, aggressive, or discourteous to other participants
  • I will not interact as any Non-Player Character outside of events (on the message boards, email, etc.) without prior permission from the Legynds Apotheosis BoD.
  • I will not discuss game information relating to storylines, adventures or encounters (including but not limited to NPC stats, backgrounds, motivations) gained while out-of-play, or assisting Legynds Apotheosis volunteers, with anyone other than the Legynds Apotheosis BoD or Entertainment Committee without prior permission.
  • I will remember that even though certain information may seem to me to be common knowledge, not all characters may know it. Many characters enjoy Legynds Apotheosis for the information gathering/sharing/hoarding aspects of the game, and can have an aspect of that fun ruined by hearing about things between games that their character does not know. I will avoid discussing things out-of-game that could ruin the fun and surprise for other characters.
  • I will not make disparaging or disheartening remarks to other players based on information I learned while assisting Legynds Apotheosis volunteers (i.e., “You guys missed so much treasure on that module!” or “That guy was from the Rois. I can’t believe you guys killed him!”) 
  • If I have a conflict with another player (i.e., I believe I hit him but he did not seem to take the blow, he didn’t react to spell effects, etc.), I will speak to him out -of-game about it. If we cannot come to a resolution, I will bring the matter to the Legynds Apotheosis Staff and attempt to resolve the situation with their assistance. 
  • I will make every effort to speak to the Legynds Apotheosis BoD about any significant problems I experienced during an event before leaving site. As a courtesy, I will confirm my comments in writing afterward.
  • I understand that there is no “safety net” in Legynds Apotheosis. By bringing a Player Character into Legynds Apotheosis, I take responsibility for my character’s victories and calamities. I will be a good sportsman in the face of both.I understand that I am responsible for my personal conduct at all times. I am responsible for the consequences of my words and actions and how they may affect those around me. If I am unable to fight safely due to physical limitations, my emotional state, environment, or other factors, it is my responsibility to withdraw from all fights until I can participate safely.
  • I will abide by the spirit of the rules of Legynds Apotheosis at all times, and will not cheat (by not taking hits, not keeping track of spells or other skills used, forging tags or coins, etc.).
  • I understand that if I violate the trust of the Legynds Apotheosis BoD or my fellow participants by breaking this agreement, I may be banned from coming to future Legynds Apotheosis events.