In the North of Eldross is a land of educated and resourceful people who employ a metaphysical technology called Arcamancy. Masters of the Weave, through innovation and magic they have created meta-mechanical life, prop based airships, and even elemental steam powered devices. It is said that their cities high in the mountains can be seen from afar with the blue glow of Weave energy generated from their magical forges. Within this highly industrious society is a sophisticated upper class who sits at the pinnacle of culture, keeping themselves entertained with all manner of festivities, from gala’s and tea parties to the occasional holiday bash or simple night at the theater. 

With  massive snow capped mountains to the north, long green rolling hills to the south, and a river snaking its way through the center, Landonia is one of the most beautiful lands in Eldross. At the midpoint of the river is the capital city, New Acharia. The magical power of Weave flows through devices that line the streets, lighting the city with a bluish glow that can be seen from miles away, earning it the name the ‘Sapphire City’. Many smaller cities line the central Sparkling River, and like New Acharia, each has a glowing film of haze engulfing the streets and buildings. This smog builds up throughout the night from the Arcamancy forging devices that run sometimes until dawn.  Every morning large machines in these cities blow this soot filled fog away, clearing the streets for a fresh new day of work to begin.

Cities and Towns

New Acharia

The capital of Landonia, the center of all metamagical activity. There are multiple major schools here, as well as many laboratories, factories and cultural centers. The best Arcamancy inventors all wish to live here in this place where weave energy flows like a current. 


This city is known for its large pockets of gold located beneath the entirety of it. The streets are literally lined with gold. The buildings are adorned with gold trim and gold decorations. This is also the home of the haunted Bleak Hill Crypt.


Like Aurumchester, there are large pockets of precious metal beneath this city, only all silver. The silver shines brightly, reflecting the richly detailed architecture that decorates each business and home. It is also the home of Landonia’s largest hat factory. 


Many veins of copper are found in this smaller city. It’s where the first Metallurgical Modification Engine was built by Ezekiel Horatio Hartland, used to morph metals, separate alloys and purify water.

Port Rose

Located at the mouth of the Sparkling River, this port city is the launch point for all major sea ships and campaign expeditions.


Slightly to the south, this town is basically the dump of Landonia. All the discarded or malfunctioning’ Forged who do not work anymore come here for potential repair. The well off would never be seen in Rustville, but for those less fortunate it is a city where a living can be made from used parts and rigged together upgrades. Most unusable metals are sent here for refashioning. 

Places of Note

Bleak Hill Crypt 

This graveyard near Aurumchester is rumored to be haunted, and is where Ezekial Horatio Heartland is buried. At night the place is filled with hazy smog and humanoid shapes seem to dance in the moonlight.

The Apex Assembly Hall 

This is the main theater in New Acharia, where all the most important people attend to watch the latest plays. There is a device there on display which is said to project aetheric images onto a backdrop, allowing viewers to watch mystical scenes play out.

Willowood Cemetery

At night this place sparkles. It is located in Argentbury, where silver is prominent and the tips of the willow trees shimmer on moonlit nights with tiny specks glowing from the tips.

Ashmount Prison 

Located just outside the capital, a maximum security prison for those who have chosen to continuously break the law. Located on one of the highest peaks in Landonia, the place is filled with the madest and most maligned criminals Landonia has ever known. 

Natural Resources

Fusion Roses

As they are called in the scientific community, these are roses that have absorbed microscopic levels of a metal from the soil. This metal collects first at the tips of the petals and distributes back down into the flower. The more minerals in the ground, the more brilliant the display of metal you will see in the petals.


There are small furry creatures in Landonia called Jerrosas. They are aloof, nocturnal, yet friendly rodents usually found in rural areas. They love to jump up and eat the delicious roses. They are mostly seen during a full moon when the moonlight reflects off the petals, causing a beautiful shimmering effect on the trees. Their fur shines and even sometimes sparkles because they absorb the minerals that latch onto their nails and hair follicles. Near each little Jerrosa home, a mere hole in the ground, there will be a small little area where they defecate pellets that shine with the metal from the roses they ate. All one has to do is burn the feces to extract the metal from it. You will not find the upper class doing such things, but lower class folks will in a pinch. There are also those who capture the Jerrosas and feed them their roses just to collect the poop. This is illegal. 

Weave Fire

A general name for all kinds of magical blue fire. It has several states, each with their own names, which are often wrongly interchanged by those uneducated in the subject of Weave magic. Commonly it goes by other names such as Arcane Fire and Essential Fire.

Magic and Technology

Most advanced technology is based upon the use of Arcane Fire, the fire produced by ritual Weave magic that allows for the creation of magic items. Landonians love creating new and inventive magic items. 


The most advanced arcane meta-tech is based upon the use of Arcane Fire. Many devices can be created through this technology, though arcomechanical weapons are the most well known. These weapons vary from those that fire mind affecting charges, lightning bolts, Aethyric or Nethyric blasts and Arcane Fire. Each Arcomechanical weapon is an item that is unique to its owner. A Landonian will hire an artist to make their weapon special and exclusive to them using metals, leather, and even wood based on individual preference. 


Airships are the largest items one can own, and Landonian private captains take great pride in theirs. Airships are expensive, and once bought owners will spend even more money personalizing and inventing new ways of making their ship unique, fun, and safe. The best airships use arcomechanical air envelopes, used to hold and regulate essential air for heavy airships and faster moving sleeker airships. 

The Forged

Long ago it was discovered that Arcamancy could save the mind of a dying or dead mortal and place it into a specially crafted magic container. This container could then be metaphysically connected to an arcane vessel forged in human form, and the result was a sort of immortality for mortals. These beings have become known simply as the “Forged”. Landonian mortals may go to great lengths to ensure that they return as a Forged after death, going so far as to swear fealty to a noble house for hundreds of years.


A recent fad going around Landonia is the phenomena of dollmaking. A Dollmaker is one who uses the knowledge of Arcamancy to infuse the spirits of dead mortals into lifelike dolls that serve as Forged vessels. They have been used as toys for children and are now in homes of elderly to keep them company as well. They are much softer and use little to no metal when created. They have pale skin, rarely speak, and seem blank in expression even though a smile has usually been sewn onto the face. 


Sometimes the spirit of a mortal does not get bound into a forged vessel in time, or the binding fails. This leads to a weave infused spirit called an apparition (or haunt), and when it gets heavily violent, becomes a poltergeist (a name more common in Corbin). Binding such a spirit to a forged vessel is dangerous and the result is politely called a “Construct”.

The Aetheroform Reinvigorator 

This was one of the first Arcomechanical devices created to return a dead mortal to life without the need of a Forged vessel. It is not without its flaws, however, and over time the subjects of this device will require a full Forged body in order to survive.


Over time, the Incarana of Weave have experienced a form of evolution of mind and thought that allows them to ‘plug-in’ to Arcamancy devices. These are not visible evolutions, but instead lines from the mind into the Weave that act like interfaces for magic devices to connect to the body. This essentially means that immortals use Weave devices and equipment as vestments. 

The People


The Landonians are inventive and have keen minds and intelligence, and are therefore more interested in being identified with their ideas than their appearance. As the mind is considered the real person, and the manifested form simply a container for the mind, there is far less distinction between mortals and immortals in Landonia. That being said, the Incarana have evolved a unique look over the years due to their close association with Weave. They often have a hammered platinum skin, glowing blueish eyes, and sometimes blue Arcamancy patterns and markings on their skin. There is also a distinct metallic coppery hue that often shows up in their hair. Immortals also have the envied ability to Weavecast and thus implant Arcomechanical devices on their body. One thing all Landonians have in common, whether mortal or Incarana, is their distinct fashion.


Fashion in Landonia is often a lavish display of social class, wealth, beauty and practical professional purpose. Men and women both will want to subtly show off their craft in their clothing. For instance, if one comes from a family who grows and sells gold fusion roses, they will likely incorporate gold into their wardrobe and may have a gold rose on their person, perhaps the hat or lapel. High boots and hats are widely seen. Women with long hair are likely to put it up and partially hide it under a hat, sometimes to keep their hair clean and fresh for the fancy dinner they are likely attending later that evening. Pants and skirts are typically worn by men and women alike. Most people will go with what is comfortable for the job, yet still have a touch of elegance. However, a frilly skirt, dress or suit is the thing when attending a dinner or a social event. Looking one’s best is very important.

Showing cleavage is a bit taboo. A subtle attempt at looking seductive is acceptable however. Landonians pride themselves on their intellect and chasing a partner using overtly physical sexual ways is considered gauche. Landonians like to quote what Miss Cecilia Davenport always said about her people, 

“We are modest in sexuality, lavish in style, but braggadocious in ingenuity.”

For the more formal of occasions, one will wear the most lavish of dresses or suits. Black is common as a base color, though blue is the true color of the land, so most socialites will want to incorporate variants of this color and include the metal of their family crest amongst the accessories (blue or black looks fabulous with any metal). The more artsy will even dye their hair, nails, and sometimes even paint eyes shades of blue or perhaps the color of their family metal as a testament of loyalty to their land. In early Landonia, soot was common and over time even became incorporated into the culture as a fashion statement. Soot around the eyes meant one probably spent lots of time in their lab working on their next big invention. Men and women alike thus adore eyeliner as a fashion statement. One might also carry a stylish backpack that includes lots of buckles and pockets for all of their scientific things, often seen sticking out in all directions. Education is valued, so showing off badges, awards and diplomas on the outerwear is definitely a must. 


Landonia is the home of the Weave pole and its vast weblike network. Londonians have a strong connection to Weave and a fascination with Arcamancy and structural magical design. They believe in discovery, industry, and innovation. They want to find new ways of using everything, especially precious metals. Intelligence and education are their ideals. They are the innovators and creators of the world, the ones who figure out practical uses for everything. Landonians consider themselves a bit more superior and intelligent than those of other cultures. But they don’t like to brag about that…too much.

Landonians understand that physical conflict is necessary but would prefer to use tools or inventions to engage the enemy, not getting their hands directly into the conflict. The use of warmachines and long range weapons are common in battle tactics. Airships rain down death and destruction from Arcamancy weapons high above the ground. When hand to hand combat is required, the preferred method is to have those with the most Arcomechanical upgrades sent in to fight. “Send in the war-forged,” is a common slogan on the rare occasion there is a call to battle. 

Landonians also value determination and the ability to push through difficult situations. They have a resolve that serves them well when looking for a solution to a complex problem. In hard times, they detach from upsetting emotions, trudging onwards towards the goal. This gives them an almost fatalistic optimism, which shows up in dark and dry humor.

Etiquette and Society

Landonians believe in treating others with kindness. Always be socially appropriate, and don’t hurt others. Respect for the order of society is of utmost importance, for without it, chaos ensues. Manners are the social grease that eases the pain of human interaction. The thoughts of others are respected, and although good conversation at a party is welcome, so is privacy of thought. A Landonian may have a very strong opinion about something or someone, but may only let this be known in subtle ways or with the driest of humor. 

Love is often the reason for marriage, though there are many marriages made for convenience and for practical reasons. There may be many logical reasons for a marriage, though when they no longer make sense, it is acceptable to separate and move on. There are even those who have divorce decrees to show that they have completed a marriage. Some might find this unusual, but to Landonians a marriage is something that has a start and a finish (and who doesn’t love a good certificate?)  


In Landonia, people communicate in Chrossian, the common language. They respond to each other with the utmost respect, always using formalities such as “Good Sir”, “Madam”, or “Ole Chap’. They gesture with a tip of the hat, and slight curtsy, or for those more militarily inclined, a quick salute. They always use titles when referring to those around them. When introducing oneself, they use all three of their given names. This is very Landonian. Communicating through written words is also very common, and writing to someone adds a personal touch. There are Arcamancy devices for writing, but for Landonians it is more polite to hand write correspondence. 

“Compliments to you!”, is a common greeting.

“Eshsyh,” is heard when someone or something is considered ugly or unpleasant.

“As I live and breathe!,” is heard when in shock or surprise.

“The Horror!”, “You pigeon peasant,” and “blind mole,” are common curses.

A rather vulgar gesture has developed in the lower parts of society, where one waves a hand across their arm or leg. This gesture indicates cutting off a limb and is considered rude and unkind. The general intent is to imply that the person’s limbs are worthless at the task being performed and should be immediately replaced with better arcomechanical versions. It is harsh and uncalled for in polite society, and is only ever seen after a bar fight or late night of drunkness.

Architecture and Art

Landonian cities have tall ornate buildings made of both metal and wood. Most street corners have a large clock so as to help the entire city keep to their schedule. The sidewalks are made of stone and lined with arcomechanical lanterns which light with blue arcing energy. Apartments have fire escapes, as unexpected fires are far too common. 

Amongst the occasional soot are loud banging mechanical noises and coffee shops filled with the sound of people sharing knowledge and learning. Tea shops, fusion flower shops, butchers, and chocolatier’s are the most popular places. In rural areas near the hills are smaller towns with ranch style houses and fields of fusion rose gardens. 

This is a culture that loves entertainment, and there is at least one theater per city. While the stage is a big way of expressing oneself in Landonia, art is not just on the stage. Many inventions are referred to as ‘art’. New weapons and innovative ways of flying are all considered artistic. Art galleries and shows are common, and make for an excellent reason for a social gathering.

Food and Diet

A breakfast and a light lunch of fruit and finger sandwiches is typical for a Landonian, followed by tea and then a hearty dinner of usually a roast, potatoes, and root veggies. Landonians are quite active and take tea breaks multiple times a day.

Landonian Pork –  Landonia has lots of pig farms to the south. They are known for their bacon, ham, and pork stew. 

Roses – A fancy delicacy and used at most parties and fancy gatherings. Coffee shops serve tea and coffee as well as lots of treats and sweets including sugar dipped rose petals.

Scones and Tea – Landonians love both, and many varieties abound.

The Pinckney Weed – This is considered poisonous and is easily confused with different types of tea. It grows in the northern mountains and has a small delicate yellow flower, similar to camomile but smaller. When used in the tiniest of amounts, it is said to induce a higher state of consciousness. 

Professions and Skills

The most respected professions in Landonia are those requiring the use of intellect and creativity. This includes, inventors, engineers, Arcamancers, artists, teachers, professors and those who have attained high level status in professional positions. Any job that requires fixing things and an understanding of how things work bears respect. Children are educated starting at five years old. They go to the local schools and eventually go to a university. There are three major universities in Landonia: Eureka University in Amberhill, Ivydale University in Argentbury, and the Zadock Academy in Aurumchester.


Feast of Enlightenment- This feast takes place during Lifespring. It is a celebration of knowledge. It’s a time to brag about all that one has accomplished from school projects to inventions. Everyone wears white, and in contrast there are different color fusion roses on tables with white table cloths. Everyone drinks hot tea and eats small cut sandwiches made of eggs or cucumber in the afternoon. There are small but colorful desserts of cakes and cookies. Carnival-like music fills the air as folks show off their newest inventions at the talent contest that takes place in the evening, following a huge feast of pork roast with lots of potatoes and carrots and wine. 

Mid Fall Feast – This feast is held on a Saturday in Soulfall. The main color in the decor is red; however, it’s one’s choice of fusion roses that completes the decor. Roses are seen everywhere. 

Lambenalia – During MoonSleep, it is the time when snow is on the ground and at that time of the year presents are given and friends and family gather together for feasting and fellowship. This was originally a Vendaeros holiday but has been adopted by the common people of Landonia.


In Landonia, it is typical for women to engage in politics while men stay in their laboratories tinkering. The government here is a sort of constitutional matriarchy, an arrangement that has been agreeable to the population for some time. House Harcon is the actual ruling family, and its Matriarch acts as the head of the state, currently Truth Popkiss Harcon. Most of the governmental affairs, however, are handled by two houses in Parliament, headed up by a Prime Minister. The idea was born in a progressive initiative to create representation for mortals as well as the Achar. This arrangement has often been questioned by the more vocal mortals, as the head of Parliament generally ends up as one of the Achar. The current prime minister is Anastasia Hope Beaumont, a bright but serious woman. She is always seen in blue to represent her beloved nation. She is quiet and smiles often, but don’t be fooled; she is as clever as they come. She loves her fusion roses. 

Her second, Persophone Cordelia Hogwood, is a bit more outspoken, and some might even say bossy. She loves long dresses and music boxes. Her mother gave her a special one as a girl and she has collected them ever since. She is almost always at Anastasia’s side taking notes and asking questions. They can be seen together chatting over tea at The Candied Rosemary coffee shop in downtown New Acharia, sipping on tea and snacking on candied rose petals. Anastasia and Persophone love to work with Weave and they themselves have been known to enter the contest at the Festival of Enlightenment. 


Laws in Landonia are similar to those in the rest of the civilized world with a few things specific to the culture. There are laws against murder, theft, defamation of character and stealing other’s inventions. Though not itself illegal, many practices of Necromancy and Malifimancy are against the law, such as communicating with the dead, reanimating the dead, and removing or damaging a limb without proper authorization, or with the intent to modify it using magic. The anti Necromancy laws largely came into existence when graverobbing became rampant years ago. Though it is illegal to speak with the dead, seances are often held in secret and such gatherings have become quite the scandalous social gathering to be involved in.

Constables patrol the streets to keep citizens safe and catch lawbreakers. When laws are broken, there are a variety of Counsels of Justice for court cases. It is essentially a system for trial by peers. 

Travelers should also be aware that killing Jerrosas, no matter how pesky the little creatures may become, is also illegal.


A.L.O.Y.E. (Merchant-4, Magical-4)

Short for Arcamantic Logistics and Organization of Yields from the Earth, ALOYE is the organization responsible for the control and management of the metals in the land, including their extraction from the earth, their transformation and use in creation of goods, their transportation, and their import and export. In short, pretty much anything to do with metal. They also happen to be the faction that regulates Arcamancy and its many wondrous creations. This government organization is incredibly powerful in Landonia, as so much of the economy of the land involves the use of metals. 

The Head of ALOYE is Mr. Winthrop Thadias Wickham. Winthrop is a tall, polite, distinguished man. He is always in a suit  with his small blue glasses, looking dapper. His job is to look after all things to do with metals and magic. He knows the law and makes sure things stay on task. He is quick with decisions and knows as much as anyone can about the War-Forged. He handles his business, and at the end of the day he enjoys his pipe and good conversation over a big dinner. He loves telling stories. 

The Supreme Command (Military-4)

This is the Matriarch’s personal army. There are many men and women in this order and it is headed currently by Constable Rowland Cole Bridges. The majority of the ground fighting force is composed of War Forged, however.

The Department of Misconduct (Exploration-3, Military-3)

This is essentially the police force. They hire constables to patrol the streets and keep the cities safe. Many of these constables are Forged. The head of this department is Marcellus Eleazar Anvil, and his nickname is ‘The Forger’.

Southern Drudge Party (Political-4)

Emerging from the southern regions of Landonia, the Southern Drudge Party (SDP) represents the working class and the common folk of the land in one house in Parliament. The SDP champions equality, inclusivity, and the welfare of all citizens, regardless of their social or economic status. The party’s core principle is a commitment to social justice and economic fairness. They advocate for better working conditions, equitable distribution of resources, and the rights of the less privileged. The SDP seeks to bridge the gap between the affluent and the working class, promoting a society where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive. They are a bit excessive but typically harmless. You might see one passing out pamphlets on a street corner. Whenever there is mild chaos heard of in the city, it’s assumed it is the SDP.

Northern Motherland Party (Political-4)

Representing the other house in parliament, this is a group from the north who are more elitists than your typical Landonian. Almost always Incarna, 

The NMP wants Landonia to be the ‘center of the world’. They have a distinguishing blue and gold patch with intertwining N,M, and P. They see themselves as better than the best and may come off as dismissive to common people. Their leader is Linus Thatcher. He wears a dark blue, almost black coat with gold trim….and he’s a bit of a snob.    

Landonian League of Explorers (Exploration-4)

This is an elite group of some of the most highly educated campaigners in the world. They have three museums located in Landonia and in New Acharia, where there is a laboratory and a library filled with the most interesting of all the league’s prizes. They were formed during the airship exploration era, and were responsible for bringing back prized specimens from Tentetsu and Berowen. 

The Noble Houses

House Harcon (Political-4)

This is Davion Zedic Harcon’s house located in Aurumchester, home of the gold fusion roses. After the Great Catastrophe, Davion was the leader who stepped up and helped form Landonia into what it is today. Davion is a bit older, with a beard and scruffy hair.  He is a jolly man who loves people, yet he has a sadness about him. Some say it is from the many secrets he keeps. But when around his friends he loves to hear music and sometimes even dances. Davion is married to Truth Popkiss Harcon, who acts as the head of state. They have four children Merrill, Warren, Hiram, and Oswald.

House Beaumont (Political-4)

Anastasia Hope Beaumont is from Amberhill, home of copper and rose gold, and is the current leader of Landonia. She has a brother who is a member of the N.M.P. and she rarely speaks of him. His name is Demetrius Verne Beaumont.  

House Wickham  (Magic-2, Political-2, Merchant-2)

House Wickham is most associated with Arcamancy and the creation of Arcomechanical creations. Winthrop Thadias Wickham is the Head of ALOYE and is also from Amberhill. He is single and has a brother named Archie Benedict Wickham who owns a lab in town and is married to Ella Mae Wickham. He also has a brother named August Jasper who is married to Joeellen Dalley. Both Winthrop’s brothers have children.

House Gates  (Political-3, Merchant-2)

Ballard Pheneas Gates is the father of Evangeline Matilda, the court poet. They reside in Argentbury, home of the silver fusion roses. Ballard is a hat maker. His entire family is famous for their extravagant hats. Evangeline’s brother Bram Sterling Gates has taken hats to a different level. He now controls his father’s hat factory and is inventing new ways of incorporating hats with Weave magic. The Court Poet and the diplomatic advisor to the Matriarch, Evangeline Matilda Gates is sent to places Anastasia Hope Beamont is unable to attend. She is seen at parties and social events, tea’s and such. She has a hearty laugh and is basically there to get information. She loves her big fancy, flashy hats and moves quickly when walking through the streets of the city hall. She loves being the person that ‘knows things’.

House Davenport (Political-1, Magical-2, Merchant-1)

Cecilia Davenport was an Arcamancer that invented a process called Roseaceation where metal can be extracted from the roses in a factory through a heating process. She died mysteriously a few years back but is survived by her three sons Julian Elias, Julius Amias, and Jeptha Lewis. All three sons live south of the river but attend holidays in New Acharia with their families. 

House Mortimer  (Political-2, Magical-3)

This is a house rumored to mix Umbra magics into their Arcamancy. The House denies this and claims others are jealous of their ancestors’ invention, the Aetherform Reinvigorator. They are led by Nehemiah Theophilus Mortimer.

House Thatcher (Political-4)

This house is rumored to be mostly Northern Motherland Party members. They are from the mountains and are not fond of the cities. Most of this family only uses a first and last name, refusing the tradition of acknowledging the middle name.

The Common Families


This is the mortal family most known for maintaining the farms.


This mortal family is most associated with assisting in industry and craftsmanship roles.


This mortal family assists in the learning institutions and influencing the young.


The infusion of energy that charged through Eldross after the opening of the Nexus created earthquakes and eruptions of fire which devastated the old capital city Acharia, collapsing most buildings and leaving large cracks in the streets full of elemental fire and steam that burnt skin and made eyes weep. Iron statues of forefathers fell. Many melted like wax when engulfed by the hot fires. Under the ground, liquid rock boiled up onto the surface and burst through, erupting in massive annihilation. More died than could be counted. Many disappeared, falling into cracks in the earth, never to be seen again. It was a trauma like none other, lasting for days and days. The fires took weeks to subside. Ruins of the large city were everywhere but none of the debris could be reached because there was no way through the fires. Even early attempts of air travel had balloons bursting from the heat. 

House Harcon was devastated. Their homes, lands, and businesses were all destroyed. Davion Zedic Harcon was one survivor of the catastrophe who went into action and helped others. The sounds of screaming and burning flames still echo in his ears to this day. He rarely speaks of the event, but has written rather dark poetry on it. Davion and his people managed to rebuild from the ashes. The city of Acharia was reconstructed and renamed New Acharia. Within years the elemental fires were not only controlled, but eventually channeled and focused into Arcane Fire. A great period of invention began. 

And thus they built Landonia. They started with homes, digging for metals, cutting trees and building. They eventually founded a central library. Women and men worked equally and were able to get schools and businesses started. They discovered that there were places where specific metals would grow, and to their pleasant surprise, special roses that shone with metal in their tips springing from the earth in those locales. In New Acharia, near Davion’s home, grew gold tipped roses. The people were fond of the beauty of the roses, and where they grew, new cities were built with great pride. They were a people risen from the ashes and reforged anew like the inventions born of their precious metals.

In the western region of the continent, things were not going as well. Eruptions and earthquakes had been so devastating that the western mountain range was sheared off in a massive landslide, creating a natural great earthen wall hundreds of feet high. The people in the devastated lands below fell into anarchy and chaos, and not only refused help but seemed to actively fight against it. Some there were so bold they even began to raid Landonian resources and abduct good Landonian citizens. Rumors spread that the abducted were the experiments of mad ritualists in the southern lands who had twisted the Weave to their dark ways. The region became known as the Badlands, and civilized people avoided it. An already naturally formed cliff that divided Landonia from the Badlands was engineered to make it impossible to climb, and posted with watchtowers and guards along its peak to keep out the hostiles.

Amongst their many inventions, the Landonians found they could get large structures to float and propelled them with Arcamancy, creating the first airships. They set out to explore, but found that these airships were limited in their reach. The Badlands were surveyed from the air, but the people in this region had become so hostile that they shot the airships down. It was not long after that one of these airships returned to Landonia, salvaged and reconstructed by the Badlanders. It’s crew terrorized the local population, raiding and pillaging. Amongst other riches, the raiders seemed oddly interested in stealing the corpses from graveyards. Airship piracy was born, and the Landonians responded by building more airships and patrolling the perimeters of the land. It was these patrols that discovered the first civilized survivors from another land. 

The newcomers came in peace in wonderful airships of their own, with news of the lost central authority of the old Kingdom of Chrossus, and its disappearance into a storm in the center of the world, the Nexus. From the land of Naras they hailed, a place the oldest of the Incarna remembered. Yet they were different; many had wings and were adorned in a golden light, and their land was now renamed as Vendaeros. They wished to repair and rejoin the broken lands of the world. The Landonians had far less interest in these new foreigners’ politics than they did in their glorious airship technology. A deal was struck, a trade in resources for a diplomatic interaction. In addition, the Vendaeros military presence would get control of the ever increasing threat of the forming warlords and airship pirate factions in the Badlands. These relations went on for some time before it became apparent that the Vendaerosians seemed primarily interested in authoritative domination more so than rebuilding the world. Tensions grew between the two lands, but before things could become hostile, a highly organized raid from the Bandlanders drew the attention of the Vendaerosians, who suddenly became far more interested in the dark magics being used in the west than subjugating hard working Landonians. The Vendaeros authorities claimed to have traced the organization of the attacks back to political necromantic factions in Velkaria, and set about to deal with the source of the problem.

While the Vendaerosians became obsessed with the Velkarians and the eradication of Necromancy, the Landonians used their newfound airship improvements to explore the far reaches of the world. Combined with Arcamancy powered sea ships and airships, they discovered the wild lands of Berowen, Tentetsu and Tahleah. Fascinated by these new people and places, the Landonians began to catalog, categorize and even capture their newly discovered specimens. Secret research laboratories opened up all across the land, and secret gatherings became all the rage as high society came to see the wonders of the world. Insects and “fairies’ became in fashion, appearing in art, theater, jewelry and song. It was this fascination that opened up a favorable trade with Tahleah. The Landonians were delighted with the clever nature of the Tahlean’s sharp minds and their propensity for deal making. A contract was struck, that Tahleah would maintain and safeguard a universal currency made from the metals found in Landonia. The contract has stuck to this day, and the rest of the world has accepted the Tahle’ as the universal currency of Eldross.

In the years that followed, the Ashari returned to the world and chose to recognize Landonia as a sovereign nation. The Constitutional Matriarchy was decided on as the Landonian form of government. Vendaeros backed off of its aggressions and a time of trade began with Asharen at its center. With a new mysterious adventure in front of them, the Landonians turned their attention toward a new place of exploration; the Nexus.