Since Apotheosis is a Live-Action game, we as players are performing all of the actions of which our character is capable. We are also, unfortunately, constrained by our own physical limitations. At times, you may feel that out of play restrictions are preventing you from safely accomplishing a task. You may at this time announce, “Fate of the Party” or shade your eyes with your head and look down if you feel unable to speak. What this means is that you may choose not to take part in a scene and will accept the result of how the group handles the encounter. At any point in time, once you feel that you can safely interact with the scene, you may rejoin the action, or you may sit out the rest of the encounter, at your discretion. At this point, the Marshal will inform you of your fate during the encounter, although typically it will be equal to that of the least successful party member.  

There will be no judgements levied against a player who calls Fate of the Party. It should be stressed that the reason why you take Fate of the Party does not matter and will not be questioned. If your group members who choose to take the challenge succeed, then your character will also find themselves on the safe side of the narrow bridge. 

 For example, your group must cross a vast canyon with a raging river at the bottom using a thin board. You must balance on this board over the lake in-play, even though it is only a few inches above the ground out of play. If you feel you cannot perform this task, for whatever reason — you may have bad balance, a disability that would impede you, or perhaps a real life family member lost their life in a similar circumstance — you declare Fate of the Party and excuse yourself from the scene. Once the party is across, you elect to return to play and inform the Marshal.  During the crossing, one of the party members was attacked by creatures and had his arm bitten off.  The Marshal informs you that upon your return, you suffer the Disable Arm effect.