1. Legynds understands that starting later in a LARP can leave a player feeling as though they cannot ever catch up to higher level players. In order to alleviate this problem, Legends offers a way to “buyback” missed events. To buyback, the player pays the cost of one or more past events and receives both the build and the resource point value of those events. The player does not gain any further benefits, such as Tahle credit revenue or downtime actions. In this way, a newer player can catch up as far as they wish, all the way up to maximum level. A list of past events and their costs can be found on the Legynds website.
  2. Buybacks are paid for on a per-event basis within the current season, at half the cost of the event. When purchasing buybacks before the current season, the whole season of buybacks must be purchased.
  3. Note – Season One prices are not half price, as they were beta prices. Thus moving into Season two, this will be the policy
  4. More on this soon, including a pricing chart.

Downtime Action

Downtime Actions are $10 and can be venmo’d or paypal’d to Greg.

Venmo @Greg-Tomaselli72 or

Choose ONE of the following, fill out each step, then email your response to :

  1. Culture Journey
    1. Please list the land you will be traveling to.
    2. List the factions you will be interacting with.
    3. List the one faction you would prefer to gain renown with.
    4. List any contacts you will be interacting with.
    5. Briefly describe what you hope to accomplish from this interaction. List goods you want to purchase, such as resources or documents (plans, rituals, etc).
  1. Manage an Estate
    1. Please list whose estate you are managing.
    2. What hirelings will you be using?
    3. List any other players taking this action with you.
    4. List times you can be available if a video call is needed.