Updating Your Character

To update your character, you will look for the Remaining build on your character sheet. This will let you know how much you can spend. As you click on skill blocks and choose from drop down menus you will see your Remaining build reduce. Once you are at zero, you have spent all your build and will need to wait until you have more build. Build is added when you attend events or spend on buybacks.

Remaining Build from Character Sheet

After you have updated your build you may want to spend your Resource Points (RP’s) or Steward Points (SP’s) on other fun in game things such as hirelings for the Campaign System or an interesting Cultural Background. To do that, check the number of SP’s or RP’s you have earned on the corresponding tabs at the bottom of your character sheet. To earn SP’s or RP’s a player does volunteer work for the game. Work that is done ON SITE at an event is called Steward Points and includes playing an NPC or monster, kitchen work, cleaning bathrooms, site clean up, etc. RP’s are earned between events and at events and involves either hours worked or dollars spent and can include making resources, assisting with logistic, buying items for the game, etc. For more info on earning RP’s or SP’s, see our Discord Channel for RP’s or SP’s

Resource and Steward Points at bottom of Character Sheet

To spend your RP’s and SP’s you’ll need to send an email to LegyndsUP@gmail.com

Here is a sample of the information needed on that email.

Sample Email for spending RP’s and SP’s. Page numbers are from the rulebook.


Legynds understands that starting later in a LARP can leave a player feeling as though they cannot ever catch up to higher level players. In order to alleviate this problem, Legends offers a way to “buyback” missed events

  1. To buyback, the player pays the cost of one or more past events and receives both the build and the resource point value of those events. The player does not gain any further benefits, such as Tahle credit revenue or downtime actions. In this way, a newer player can catch up as far as they wish, all the way up to maximum level. A list of past events and their costs can be found on the Legynds website.
  2. Buybacks are paid for on a per-event basis within the current season, at half the cost of the event. When purchasing buybacks before the current season, the whole season of buybacks must be purchased.
  3. Note – Season One prices are not half price, as they were beta prices. Thus moving into Season two, this will be the policy
  4. More on this soon, including a pricing chart.

Downtime Action

Downtimes are also called Between Game Actions or BGA’s. These are worth one build. You can do things with your character, ship, or land between and events via these actions. Most of the time you will know what you want to do for your BGA either by things that happen at events or consulting with companions. A form(bottom of page) will guild you through your BGA. However, if you are unsure what you’d like to do, especially if it’s your first BGA, that’s OK. Email staff at legyndsBGA@gmail.com and with the subject QUESTION and just let staff know it’s your first time. They will help create quite an adventure for you to get you started.. For ideas on how to do your Downtime Action, see our Discord Page Here

Downtime Actions are $10, earn you 1 build: Venmo @Greg-Tomaselli72 OR paypal.me/gregtomaselli

Below are the types of BGA’s you can do:

rulebok BGA
Apotheosis Rulebook page 139

The below forms are locked between events.

Player Downtime Activity

Downtime Hireling Assignments. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqEcXmk8SewOslJzsNy1TkTBnqbzPY0aS0-_dDqlLY1hKLMA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Downtime Hireling Delegation

If you are unsure what to do when you get to this part of the CULTURAL JOURNEY form, send an email to legyndsBGA@gmail.com They can help you decide what to do next.

Player Downtime Activity form pg. 3