Eldross is a world that has seen much change in the past two centuries. Once it was a peaceful and serene world, though its people were simple and knew little of the secrets of multiverse. There were five continents, each connected to one of five paradyns: Tempus, Astra, Umbra, Wyld and Weave. A wise and undying King and Queen ruled over the people, two caretakers empowered by the ancient celestial creator of Eldross, Aetera the Incarnate Queen. 

Then came Kanaan. He challenged the authority of the immortal leaders in a spectacle that threw the world into chaos and brought their rule to an end. Some remember him as a hero who brought justice to the common people, others as an malcontent who broke the order of the world. What is agreed upon is that he changed the world forever. His death created a great storm, and from it the world was infused with magical energy with a force that broke apart the five continents, even sending parts of the land into the sky. The people began to change, manifesting all manner of physical and magical changes. New ideas and new magic flooded the world. The lands and cultures that once thrived are now but memories of another age.