The Exploration play style is all about quietly sneaking into places, often requiring feats of agility. Players will encounter physical and mental challenges, and be asked to gain and escape with valuable information or items without being caught. Combat skills are unimportant, as discovery usually results in immediate failure or even death. There are four play styles within exploration: scouting, interaction, agility and stealth. A player must may only use one exploration style at a time, and may only change styles after a one minute meditation.


Marshals will generally allow a player to access secret information about an encounter before the actual encounter has begun. During encounters, a search may be required to locate something, and scouting will speed up this process. Sometimes tracks can be found on adventures, allowing the character to follow them. In some cases, magical residue may lead to clues about events that have occurred in the area.


During an adventure, a character may be faced with physical challenges. These challenges may include picking a lock or similar device, decoding a message, disarming a trap, or working through a puzzle. These challenges can always be attempted by any player, but interaction skills can greatly speed up this process, give needed clues, or allow for failures to be attempted again.


Often encounters require the player to actually perform physical feats, such as jumping from place to place, balancing along a line, outrunning an opponent, or completing a physical dexterity challenge. Agility skills allow a player to recover from failure or reduce the difficulty of these challenges.


Adventures often require players to avoid being seen, leave a scenario without exposure or anyone knowing they were there. This can involve countering trackers, staying hidden, and or even appearing like someone else. This generally involves NPCs such as guards or scouts.