For the Alpha One Day, we have a few things we want to make sure you remember.

  1. Bring $5.00 Cash. This is for your state park parking pass. 
  2. Please remember to bring a print-out of your character sheet. 
  3. Costuming. Wear ‘Typical LARP’ costuming including: wrap pants, peasant shirts, dresses, pouches, weapons, etc. 
  4. Weapons & Shields. Bring your weapons. We will have a weapons safety check at check-in.
  5. Water. Please bring extra water and/or beverages. We will be providing water bottles for the lunch break. 
  6. Lunch will be provided to each of our players. See FAQ’s for more information.
  7. Spell packets. Please remember to bring spell packets. We will only have enough for our staff.